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About the African Small Grants Programme


Community Action - Global Impact

Established in 2014 through donations from a generous group of individuals, the African Small Grants Programme aims for a new kind of development aid by "thinking globally, acting locally". By providing financial and technical support to projects that impact rural communities we aim to enhance people's well-being and livelihoods.

Through the focus on local communities the ASGP is able to ensure support from all relevant community stakeholders ensuring maximum impact of allocated funds.

This programme is intended for non profit organizations. The ASGP will not consider funding individuals or for profit organizations. Applicants with no legal status can consider partnering with a registered non-profit organization.

The trustees will give priority to small organization with no other access to funding. The African Small Grants programme aims to provide seed funding for organizations that aim to further community development through the empowerment of women and education. The ASGP will not consider funding political or religious organizations unless the proposed project clearly contributes to the good of the general community.

Areas Of Work

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Empowerment of Women

The ASGP aims to support small, rural, community based grassroot groups. Most often, these women's group do not have access to other financial support or do not meet the requirements for larger development programmes. Through small targeted grants the ASGP aims to help those often left out by larger aid programmes.

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Rural Education

Educational small grants are intended to support alumni ing etting involved in the development of their home community rather than migrating to urban areas. The areas for funding eligable under the education programme are the seed-funding for the establishment of small scale projects with a clear and tangible benifit for the development of communities in African countries as well as support for the professional development of alumni intending to stay in their home communities.


   The African Small Grants Programme     Lake Plaza Building     Nairobi     Kenya
   Tel: +254 32 652 16 54/9        Email: grants@asgp.info        Website: www.asgp.info

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